Not Much Difference Between North Indians And Telugu Wedding Superstitions

Telugu wedding superstitions can be said to be very common when it comes to getting the more out of the wedding ceremony such as removing the evil eye and put the wedding scenario to be fun filled with creating a good atmosphere. Now, think about the person keeping the good clues in life and blessings other stars as well which may help him in the long run in life.
Telugu can sound you arrogant but they are more of the same sort where a person feels the awkward sense of those thoughts about the people to be very superstitious.

If the superstitions are believed it is not about having those common ones of cat passing the path or milk getting spoiled over gas burner. The Indian Telugu weddings has a superstition of never getting or designing the own wedding gown and it is a thought that it brings misfortune to the marriage.
Thus, it brings an easy sense of the preparing for other rituals mentally and emotionally. The rain on the wedding day is supposed to be full of wealth and fertility. Also, there is a good omen to see a rainbow on wedding and if a black cat or chimney sweep is to be seen it brings a misfortune.

Spilling of milk is a bad omen and is still considered to be bad in every society including Telugu and if the boiling milk spills anytime before or after the wedding it is considered to be a bad thinking. The showering of rice is a particular ritual which is practiced in several cultures across Asia and since rice is a staple food in this region it is considered to be a great way to spread happiness as satiating the hunger is much necessary. It also helps to support a large family of common people as the world is bound with each other through one common thing which is food and thus the word which has come into being in South is “Vasudhev Kutumbakam” i.e. the whole world is one and a person needs to be happy once he gets proper feed.

At the wedding a mixture of banana and milk is provided from where the person takes the older woman and the lamp and water urn with walking around the couple three or four times. After which the sacred fire is lit there which leads to further completing various other rituals and thus completing the marriage.

Superstitions are still exist in the Telugu weddings and the grooms and brides practice that with the heart.


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